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How we use our expertise to help?

With 15 years of experience in both accountancy practice and industry, we understand the needs of a business from both sides of the fence. If it is compliance with statutory returns, end of year accounts or dealing with Revenue queries, let us take care of it.

Similarly, if your business needs financial expertise and guidance in a jargon-free practical way, we are here to help. Assisting new and rapidly expanding businesses is an area that we are particularly experienced in. We advise on accounting systems that are best suited to you, we help construct finance departments for our clients and we use our experience to help steer growing businesses away from potential financial pitfalls.

As an associate member of both Chartered Accountants Ireland and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, we have experience in multi jurisdictions should your business need it. Feel free to contact us today for an initial consultation.

Initial Consultation

We offer a 30 minute initial consultation meeting for €100 (+VAT) to discuss your needs and to see how we may help. No matter how small or large your query may be, we are here to listen and to offer honest feedback. Contact us today on 01 837 80 80 or by email


We pride ourselves on upholding high ethical standards in all areas of our work and hold true to the values expected of us by both CAI and ICAEW. We use our experience and expertise to ensure your tax bill is minimised in the most efficient way possible while maintaining integrity at all times.

Contact us today at or call us on 01 837 80 80